Pakistan Ka Azeem Almia – Qaumi Ahdaf Ka Adm Taa’ayun

Unfortunately the Great Tragedy of Pakistan is not discussed in Pakistan’s media the way it deserves. The media’s national habit of blind worship of undeserving personalities has turned this great country with all the potential to become a great respectable power into an international joke. The media has been handed over to almost four dozen socially irresponsible, morally bankrupt and criminally negligent media owners and their handpicked psychologically sick and over-pampered journalists, analysts and anchors. Serious issues of national importance have become subjects of comedy shows. Disgusting knowledge-less film and TV celebrities are presented on television screen for hours discussing personal nonsense and non-serious issues. The country is almost bankrupt and interests of individuals are prioritized in national planning instead of focusing on serious discussions on the much needed re-configuration of the elements of national power.

This brief introduction of Pakistan’s Tragedy was published in Rawalpindi-Islamabad edition of Nawa-e-Waqt on 3rd September 1999. A detailed research paper was distributed among those who matter in countries pillars of the state and media in 2007. It is available here:

Nothing has happened because Pakistan’s core sensitive areas have been handed over to those who are evidently security risk for Pakistan with few exceptions. The question to probe for answer is how to differentiate between the anti-Pakistan elements and the exceptions to clean up the mess in the system of governance and most importantly Pakistan Ka Azeem Almia – Qaumi Ahdaf Ka Adm Taa’yunthe media?


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