Why Pin-drop Silence on Global Integrated Innovation Revolution?

Why Pin-drop Silence on Global Integrated Innovation Revolution?

Let us assume that Corporatization of Globalization is not a conspiracy theory. A plan is definitely there. A clear road-map of that is slowly unfolding. This is how it is: It can be clearly seen unfolding.

First look at the creation of Regional Economic Alliances and Blocs. Then see the formation of the Group of 22 countries as major global GDP contributors in world economic growth. And finally try to analyze carefully what do they discuss and what are the outcomes of these discussions. Literally you will find a BIG ZERO! Why?

They are not working for a ONE WORLD – ONE GOVERNMENT!

They are working for and on behalf of the architects of the Corporatization of Globalization!

Is there anything wrong with that?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! The way they are doing things is absolutely wrong. I foresee the emergence of a Corporatized instead of a truly Globalized World! There is nothing wrong with that too. So, for God’s sake, then what is wrong?

The world will be dominated by more or less than three dozen banking and financial institutions and big corporations and global media houses!

I don’t mind even that.

What do I mind?

I mind Corporatization of the Globalized World which will not have a heart to feel the pain of a permanent process to keep the poor people of the world dreaming about transition from necessity-based standard of living to comfort-based and from comfort-based living to luxury-based lifestyle. Instead, I foresee the gap between poor and rich widening instead of narrowing pushing them into quagmire of inescapable deprivation! Why do I feel that? The answers are here:

Shakespeare’s Second of Seven Ages and Governance: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/shakespears-second-seven-ages-governance-zahid-khalid

I don’t mind if more or less than three dozen architects of the emerging Corporatized World are given the Global Governance Mandate provided they are prepared to answer the following question:

How will the Corporatized System of Global Governance work on an Overdue Initiative for the Global Integration of Five Innovation Revolutions?


How will the Corporatized System of Global Governance work on an Overdue Initiative for the Global Integration of Five Innovation Revolutions?


Five Overdue Initiatives for Integrated Global Innovation Revolution

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche had said, “There are no facts, only interpretations.”

Interpretations of what we see, hear and read. In addition to that the world is moving on from yesterday to today and from today to tomorrow. Thanks to media nothing, right or wrong, true or false is hidden from human eyes and ears.

Globalization is not accidental. There are definitely brains behind it. It is said that they have the plans to work from behind the scenes and appear physically only when the time comes. I believe that! They have a plan which at present is a popularly known Conspiracy Theory. Let us assume it is. A plan is definitely there. We have a rough idea about that.

I have a parallel outline of an Initiative for an Integrated Global Social, Economic, Political, Diplomatic and Military Innovation Revolution which, may be, means nothings today but tomorrow people will somehow see the need for that or a better plan than that.

You can read it here: Five Overdue Initiatives for Integrated Global Innovation Revolution:


Third, the God has His plans too!

The bottom line is there will be a One World and One God.

There will be either a Kingdom of God or an Empire of Evil! World ‘s ultimate survival will depend on who will ultimately rule the One World!

The discussions on different aspects of economic issues are clearly seen on regional and global platforms for almost decades now. Heads of 22 economically prominent countries of the world regularly meet to discuss global economic issues. In a rapidly globalizing world, is it wise to discuss regional and global issues without the alignment of the elements of national power of each country with the global elements of national power?

So far, no platform has been created to undertake such a gigantic dream like task. World Economic Forum is there which is preparing, documenting, presenting and discussing different aspects of globalization from corporate perspectives instead of coming up with an initiative for an overall evaluation of natural and human resources from integrated global social, economic, political, diplomatic and military perspectives.

It is high time, therefore, for rethinking and repackaging the tangible and intangible elements of national power of all the countries into Five Integrated Global Social, Economic, Political, Diplomatic and Military Innovation Territory Maps.
Why this is important and how it can be done? This question cannot be answered without discussing the reasons for such a Mapping of Global Social, Economic, Political and Diplomatic Innovation Territories and their proposed integration into Regional Resource Generation and Distribution Hubs by inter-connecting each territory with the other.


The Dark Sides of Deregulation and Sanctions

Isn’t it the responsibility of the governments to either align the resource planning with demographic growth and resource depletion or look for alternate resources before the scarcity results in price hikes and widening the gap between rich and poor?

What is preferable, sanctions or remapping of natural and human resource rich countries as cost-effective hubs of global economic growth contributors?

A preliminary Five-Point Agenda for the serious consideration of the world leaders.


When Does the Editorial Error of Judgment Become Suicidal?

When Does the Editorial Error of Judgment Become Suicidal?

Freedom of Speech without responsible, moral and ethical professional judgement is evidently suicidal!

Is the world justified in emphasizing the following of the flawed clauses of the constitutions and laws or is it time to review and re-write them?

If the free press of the free word and its leaders continue insisting on defiant display of dis-respect for divine guidelines and sacred religious personalities without any guilt or shame, how can they expect followers of any faith to respect the man-made laws and constitutions!


Five Media Revolutions and Critical Ethnography

The access to information through first internet and now mobiles and its impact needs to be psychologically analyzed from a reader’s and a viewer’s perspectives. The convenient access to information has globally created mass awareness of what is going on in the world without the requisite level of intelligence not education needed to absorb, analyze and use it in a world where a majority of even highly educated people are intellectually illiterate. This is very dangerous and far more harmful in negative repercussions if not taken seriously first by regulatory authorities and then media management teams who need to focus on content packaging with honest, easy-to-understand straightforward answers to questions which come to the minds of readers and viewers when they read a news story, article and view a news bulletin, discussion and entertainment program. Media cannot hide the truth! The most important media management task, therefore, is how to package the truth for global audience beyond national contextual boundaries!


7 Questions: Information and Evolution

Whatever is happening in our world is nothing but an all-encompassing process of evolution. Nothing is absolutely perfect, correct and complete. One is expected to be perfect in whatever he does or say to the extent his honesty, knowledge, experiences and skills permit him to. Others have to look beyond and see if they can add to what they see others doing or saying. This is what is taking the world forward since the first moment of the Big Bang on the road called evolution to its destination on auto-pilot mode of ultimate self-annihilation!

Nothing so far is written, read and heard as the last word on any subject except proven scientific theories under challenge to take them a step forward. Information acquisition and its dissemination are evolutionary and will never cease to present opportunity to those who are looking forward to observe what is hidden from human eyes and mind, to discover what remains undiscovered in known and unknown disciplines, to see beyond what has not been seen yet, to say what has not been heard so far and write what is unwritten by anyone anywhere in the world.

Information is nothing but inspiration to know more!


Unveiled Aspects of the Ignored Tragedy of Governance!

The oil prices have nose-dived. Now what to expect? Just look back and try to recall how the things had been strategically and tactically messed up. It all started with Oil ShockWave and it is expected to end up with Oil PriceCrash! What happened in between was not accidental and what is expected to follow will also not be unplanned! Is it really a temporary economic tactic to add to the force of sanctions against Russia and Iran or a strategic move by OPEC to block American entry into global oil market? There is another unveiled aspect of the ignored tragedy of the governance: the so far unnoticed possibility of further widening of the gap between the rich and poor!

Who doesn’t know that the world is changing so fast that even those who are behind this change have to think faster than they can do it humanly?

One presently ignored emerging reality now needs to be made categorically clear that the present political and economic systems, both democratic and authoritarian, will become indefensible if the prices of everything do not fall back to their levels prior to Oil ShockWave proportionate to present decline in oil prices and the salary slabs and across the board profit margins are not rationalized! The first Oil Embargo and the Second Oil ShockWave have widened the gap between the rich and poor resulting in avoidable clash between affluence and deprivation. Now if the existing gap further widens due to Oil PriceCrash the social, economic and political fallout will become unimaginably disastrous for the world.