Unveiled Aspects of the Ignored Tragedy of Governance!

The oil prices have nose-dived. Now what to expect? Just look back and try to recall how the things had been strategically and tactically messed up. It all started with Oil ShockWave and it is expected to end up with Oil PriceCrash! What happened in between was not accidental and what is expected to follow will also not be unplanned! Is it really a temporary economic tactic to add to the force of sanctions against Russia and Iran or a strategic move by OPEC to block American entry into global oil market? There is another unveiled aspect of the ignored tragedy of the governance: the so far unnoticed possibility of further widening of the gap between the rich and poor!

Who doesn’t know that the world is changing so fast that even those who are behind this change have to think faster than they can do it humanly?

One presently ignored emerging reality now needs to be made categorically clear that the present political and economic systems, both democratic and authoritarian, will become indefensible if the prices of everything do not fall back to their levels prior to Oil ShockWave proportionate to present decline in oil prices and the salary slabs and across the board profit margins are not rationalized! The first Oil Embargo and the Second Oil ShockWave have widened the gap between the rich and poor resulting in avoidable clash between affluence and deprivation. Now if the existing gap further widens due to Oil PriceCrash the social, economic and political fallout will become unimaginably disastrous for the world.



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