7 Questions: Information and Evolution

Whatever is happening in our world is nothing but an all-encompassing process of evolution. Nothing is absolutely perfect, correct and complete. One is expected to be perfect in whatever he does or say to the extent his honesty, knowledge, experiences and skills permit him to. Others have to look beyond and see if they can add to what they see others doing or saying. This is what is taking the world forward since the first moment of the Big Bang on the road called evolution to its destination on auto-pilot mode of ultimate self-annihilation!

Nothing so far is written, read and heard as the last word on any subject except proven scientific theories under challenge to take them a step forward. Information acquisition and its dissemination are evolutionary and will never cease to present opportunity to those who are looking forward to observe what is hidden from human eyes and mind, to discover what remains undiscovered in known and unknown disciplines, to see beyond what has not been seen yet, to say what has not been heard so far and write what is unwritten by anyone anywhere in the world.

Information is nothing but inspiration to know more!



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