Five Overdue Initiatives for Integrated Global Innovation Revolution

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche had said, “There are no facts, only interpretations.”

Interpretations of what we see, hear and read. In addition to that the world is moving on from yesterday to today and from today to tomorrow. Thanks to media nothing, right or wrong, true or false is hidden from human eyes and ears.

Globalization is not accidental. There are definitely brains behind it. It is said that they have the plans to work from behind the scenes and appear physically only when the time comes. I believe that! They have a plan which at present is a popularly known Conspiracy Theory. Let us assume it is. A plan is definitely there. We have a rough idea about that.

I have a parallel outline of an Initiative for an Integrated Global Social, Economic, Political, Diplomatic and Military Innovation Revolution which, may be, means nothings today but tomorrow people will somehow see the need for that or a better plan than that.

You can read it here: Five Overdue Initiatives for Integrated Global Innovation Revolution:

Third, the God has His plans too!

The bottom line is there will be a One World and One God.

There will be either a Kingdom of God or an Empire of Evil! World ‘s ultimate survival will depend on who will ultimately rule the One World!

The discussions on different aspects of economic issues are clearly seen on regional and global platforms for almost decades now. Heads of 22 economically prominent countries of the world regularly meet to discuss global economic issues. In a rapidly globalizing world, is it wise to discuss regional and global issues without the alignment of the elements of national power of each country with the global elements of national power?

So far, no platform has been created to undertake such a gigantic dream like task. World Economic Forum is there which is preparing, documenting, presenting and discussing different aspects of globalization from corporate perspectives instead of coming up with an initiative for an overall evaluation of natural and human resources from integrated global social, economic, political, diplomatic and military perspectives.

It is high time, therefore, for rethinking and repackaging the tangible and intangible elements of national power of all the countries into Five Integrated Global Social, Economic, Political, Diplomatic and Military Innovation Territory Maps.
Why this is important and how it can be done? This question cannot be answered without discussing the reasons for such a Mapping of Global Social, Economic, Political and Diplomatic Innovation Territories and their proposed integration into Regional Resource Generation and Distribution Hubs by inter-connecting each territory with the other.


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