Five Media Revolutions and Critical Ethnography

The access to information through first internet and now mobiles and its impact needs to be psychologically analyzed from a reader’s and a viewer’s perspectives. The convenient access to information has globally created mass awareness of what is going on in the world without the requisite level of intelligence not education needed to absorb, analyze and use it in a world where a majority of even highly educated people are intellectually illiterate. This is very dangerous and far more harmful in negative repercussions if not taken seriously first by regulatory authorities and then media management teams who need to focus on content packaging with honest, easy-to-understand straightforward answers to questions which come to the minds of readers and viewers when they read a news story, article and view a news bulletin, discussion and entertainment program. Media cannot hide the truth! The most important media management task, therefore, is how to package the truth for global audience beyond national contextual boundaries!


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