Why I will vote for Dubai’s Authoritarian Ruler?

The countries ruled by caring rulers are blessed to socially live harmoniously, economically prosper, politically remain focused on caring for and looking after all, diplomatically remain aloof from controversies and militarily stay away from harm’s way. Dubai is blessed with such a ruler.

A socially harmonious, economically prosperous, politically focused, diplomatically neutral and militarily peaceful nation concentrates on one thing and that is to do its best for making and keeping their country one of the most admired countries of the world!

That is what the rulers are busy doing since last three decades and citizens and residents of United Arab Emirates from across the world.

The rulers and the ruled both are seen working as a team with a mission to be and remain one of, if not, the only best!Why I will vote for Dubai’s Authoritarian Ruler?


Kargil Mohim – Aik Koshish-e-Natamam Kay Aham Pehlu

These two articles were published in Nawa-e-Waqt of July 1999 uncompromisingly and fearlessly analyzing the military and strategic oversights in an adventure that was too risky for not only Pakistan but India too in view of its timing and overlooked set of negative outcomes.

The findings of the analysis have been endorsed by the independent reports too.

Kargil Mohim – Aik Koshish-e-Natamam aur Teen Pehlu

The End of The Independent Muslim World?

The End of The Independent Muslim World?

War of Deception Takes Another Nasty Turn.

American-European political coalition is repeating the same lie that resulted in attack on Iraq and Libya using Al-Qaida in Libya and Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt.

Now, they are riding on the shoulders of Al-Qaida in Syria. There are strong reasons to believe that the governments in America, Europe and the Muslim world are, as usual, not paying attention to what their people and the experts on International affairs are asking them: Don’t Take the Public Opinion Lightly This Time!

Three things one has to keep in mind:

United Nation’s Fake Mandate: They have to investigate that the weapons have been used NOT who has used it. It is a stupid effort to hide the truth and expression of GUILT to protect the REAL CULPRIT behind the use of Chemical Weapons.

Which Timeline for What Did John Kerry Referred to? The answer is America is planning similar actions in other countries also.

Does JK’s statement is a practical demonstration of the following paragraph from the Founding Statement of the Principles of Project for the New American Century:

“America has a vital role in maintaining peace and security in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. If we shrink our responsibilities, we invite challenges to our fundamental interests. The history of the 20th century should have taught us that it is important TO SHAPE circumstances BEFORE crises emerge, and to meet threats BEFORE they become DIRE. The history of the past century should have taught us to embrace the cause of the American leadership.”


End of the Independent Muslim World

One subject, four articles (1974, 1980, 1988, 2013) and the conclusion of the analysis of different interconnected perspectives in just one sentence…


As a student of international relations I want to share three published and one unpublished articles, two in Urdu and two in English languages, with my friends and connections.

The first article in Urdu was published in Daily the Mashriq on August 1974 in which I had discussed the possibility of an attempt by former Soviet Union for the redrawing of boundaries between Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmania with reference to a book on international politics, Balshaya Sovietskaya Entsaklopedia and Russian geo-politician Mystilawski.

In my second article in Urdu published in Pakistan’s largest circulated weekly magazine Akhbar-e-Jehan in 1980 I had discussed in detail the historical background of former Soviet Union’s attack on Afghanistan, the possibility of attack on post-revolution Iran, the visible geographic hurdles in the way for doing so and the possible consequences of such an act.

In 1988 my article in English published in Daily the Muslim discussed the reasons for former Soviet Union’s retreat from Afghanistan and the possibility of an unending civil war as a consequence of the political vacuum that was clearly anticipated after the withdrawal of the Soviet troops from Afghanistan.

The fourth article in English, available at my different blogs, was posted on 17th February 2013 discussing the background of the political landscape in the Muslim world and reasons for social and economic unrest and uncertainty which, in present global scenario, apparently do not appear to be unusual to people in general and media in particular.

If I am asked to sum up the ultimate conclusion of these four articles in one sentence, the sentence will be:

“End of Independent Muslim World Will Be Prevented Only By an Unthinkable, Unimaginable and Unbelievable Miracle”

End of The Independent Muslim World

3 Bainul Aqwami Masa’el Aur Baa’az Qomon Kay Tausey Pasandana Azaa’em

This article highlighting three problems of developed and developing countries and the United Nations was publishes in Daily the Jang’s Karachi edition on 17th April 1975.

Since than the world has changed from a bi-polar world to a uni-polar world and now has been upgraded to the status of a multi-polar world. India, China and initially four, then five and now nine developing countries have emerged as global economic growth models. It is indeed a heartening development. India has become an economic apple of world’s eyes, China has surprised the world with its growth resilience and Israel has become an undeclared nuclear power.
Unfortunately, those problems that I had pointed out back in 1975 are still there. Players have changed but nothing else has moved from disappointing to satisfactory status. United Nations has become a hostage of global power politics and gap between rich and poor is widening to an alarming extent resulting in social unrest to a scale nonparallel in the history of international economics. Isn’t it the time for the countries those matter in international relations to wake up. Will they? That question remains unanswered.
3 Bainul Aqwami Masael Aur Baa’z Qomon Kay Tausee Pasandana Azaem