Many Faces of Pride of Pakistan Women

ImageA social segment of Pakistan that deserves to be presented as a true pride of the country is women. If one tries to think of an area of activity in which Pakistan’s women are not actively participating, he will find none. 

From education to exploration, from social to natural sciences, from medical practice to civil aviation, from farming to business and human resource management, from human rights activism to active military service, from politics to diplomacy, from maintaining law and order to playing cricket, football and hockey and from journalism to judicial duties women are seen working, competing and winning in and outside their country making Pakistan and Pakistanis proud. 

In majority of the households women are literally in command in running day to day affairs. They look after their homes, husbands and children and often work outside home and run business houses too. They beautifully maintain a satisfactory balance in their domestic, professional and business activities. Exceptions are obviously there but not to such an alarming extent as unfortunately alleged in national and international media. 

From Fatima Jinnah to Benazir Bhutto women have always been allowed to play a leading role in country’s politics too. 

Is it unfair to expect from international media to highlight this neglected aspect of the role of women in Pakistan’s overall performance also? A number of television programs and documentaries have been produced and national award ceremonies have been organized within Pakistan to acknowledge the laudable contributions of women in their respective areas of expertise. 

International women organizations have also appreciated the role of women in promoting social and economic justice and equality, emphasizing women’s rights, fighting for democracy and freedom of expression. These women genuinely deserve to be presented in international media also. 

One cannot deny that there are cases of serious violation of women’s rights. These violations have been rightly condemned in national and international media through internationally acclaimed award winning documentaries creating awareness of the need for treating the women with respect and giving them equal rights in deciding what they want to do in their lives. 

A few pictures reflect how women are active in different walks of life. These pictures can be given voice and brought into action on CNN and other foreign TV channels to present them as genuine non-controversial role- models for women in Pakistan as well as other countries of the world.

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