Reminder of the time to display ANGER without GREED and FEAR

Reminder of the time to display ANGER without GREED and FEAR

Anger is a status-specific display of human behavior. Usually, the people with authority, power and affluence are entitled to be angry with or without a reason but they don’t need to because what they want is provided to them. What they order is obeyed.

Only the weak and poor people without any power or authority are considered and expected to be the masters in the art of “anger management.” They are not supposed to react to annoying situations that they have to face from dawn to dusk.

• They pay the artificially inflated utility bills for irregular and frequently interrupted services and they are asked to remain calm too.

• They have to wait in queue for hours to get their car’s petrol or gas tank filled and they are expected to keep smiling.

• They buy packaged products without price tags and are defiantly told that the prices will further increases within next few days and they cannot dare to demand an explanation.

• They receive a polite written message from the Police Station that due to the non-availability of funds and resources they will have to hire security guards for their protection and helplessly see half a dozen luxury land cruisers with more than two dozen civil or military policemen escorting a VIP (Very Insecure Incompetent Person popularly known as either a public representative or a public servant).

• More than two hundred people die after using a medicine prescribed by doctors of both public and private hospitals and the family members of the deceased have no choice but to remain quiet.

• More than a dozen people are killed by unknown target killers every day in Karachi and the government and media both don’t know who the killers are. The people leave their homes in the morning without knowing that they will be able to return home alive or not but they have no one to turn to for the assurance of their safety…They have no one to look at for their protection. They have to go through the hell called living without complaining.

Everybody expects the poor resource-less people to be happy and not to worry.

A group of political leaders sign Charter of Democracy to protect each other’s neck after committing crimes.

A smart political leader with the support of intelligence agencies of half a dozen countries succeeds in convincing a President in military uniform to sign a National Reconciliation Ordinance withdrawing all the pending cases against her in the courts in and outside the country, consenting to her demand of becoming prime minister of the country for the third term which the country’s constitution does not allow. No one knows why she had been showered with these favors. She returns to Pakistan and gets killed.

After her assassination her husband riding on so-called sympathy votes becomes President of the country. The Supreme Court declares the NRO unlawful and orders reopening of the closed cases against all the beneficiaries of NRO including the husband of the deceased leader but the man at the highest position in the State remains above the law of the land because constitution of the country entitles him of such a privilege.

What to do?

No one can do anything but remain calm, quiet and patient. For how long does they have to remain that way? They have to wait till the next elections by remaining calm instead of displaying any anger.

They will soon get a chance to go to polling stations and use the vote quietly and wisely. Isn’t it the best way to showcase an intelligent nation’s anger or appreciation for any reason? But what are they expected to do? They are expected to vote the same lot back into power and continue suffering for the next five years. How anyone can explain this state of affairs?

It is called positive expectation from a perpetually negative situation and positive response to negative Status Quo!


2 thoughts on “Reminder of the time to display ANGER without GREED and FEAR

  1. Yes!.. I have often reflected upon this.. the poor are expected to swallow their anger while the rich indulge in theirs.. Anger in the face of injustice is righteous anger.. the anger that bullies the weak is abuse..

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