Valentine Day is nothing but cheap inhuman commercialization of love!

Valentine Day is nothing but cheap inhuman commercialization of love!

By: Zahid Hussain Khalid

Love resides in one’s soul and heart and shows up only when it needs to. Like anything else this most sacred human emotion has also been commercialized for the benefit of a handful of business segments in general and media in particular. Days are celebrated to recall and emphasize significance of something of national importance. The kind of love displayed and celebrated during Valentine Day is something very individual, personal and private. It is like telling the world unnecessarily how much a couple loves each other. Whereas it is not something to be displayed but to be felt, seen and noticed automatically without displaying it artificially. Valentine Day makes one of the most sacred human relations artificial in appearance.

Artificiality has penetrated in our lives to such an extent that the world has nothing to do but worship everything artificial consciously and / or unconsciously like characters on the television and cinema screens that are not original but creation of human minds moving, speaking, laughing, crying, fighting and loving as they are told to follow the scripts. These characters have nothing to do with the real lives of the performers which are mostly totally different from how they appear on screen. These performers themselves don’t like unnecessary intrusions and interferences in their personal lives. They want to be seen as they are instead of how they appear on screen. Some on screen villains are heroes and most admired heroes are often villains in their real lives. Same goes for Valentine Day too. People are made to follow a scripted day like one has to get up in the morning kiss his wife and ask her will she be his valentine? A girl or a boy gives a flower or a card to her boyfriend and the boy to the girl friend showing him or her how much she or he loves him or her. What nonsense? They can do it anytime of the day, week or year without showing it to the world.

I will be very happy to celebrate a Valentine Day when a Muslim Palestinian boy will give a flower to a Jewish girl in Israel, when a Muslim Kashmiri boy will send a V-card to a Hindu girl in Delhi, an Afghan Jihadist will hug an American female Marine in Afghanistan and tell her how much he loves her for saving the lives of Afghans. With so much hatred, wars, conflicts and differences in the world how can people claim to have love for each other. Love is above family relations, genders, religions, nationalities, languages and colors of the human skin. Do we really know what the love is? Do we really know how can we celebrate a Valentine Day that is truly global? For that first we have to become truly human beings, rise above and embrace others as we do embrace our own family members. Are we doing that? Can we do that?

If the answer is may be then may be Valentine Day is nothing but artificial display of a love that is confined to personal relations and not extended to human relations.

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