People are loved and hated for what they do and not for who they are. Something or someone has to be hated for hurting or annoying others…Rain hurts those who do not have a shelter…Cold hurts those who don’t have something to wear…war hurts those who receive the dead bodies of their loved ones…hunger hurts those who have nothing to eat… lawlessness hurts those who do not find justice…WHAT DO ALL THESE PEOPLE DO? They hate themselves, they hate their luck, weather, war, hunger and injustice. Is weather in-controllable? God in all Gospels has declared that every living soul has been allocated his or her “share” of “livelihood.” Why millions of people go to bad hungry? Why justice is bought and sold? Is God responsible for the deprivation of billions of people? No, there are people who are exploiting the system to widen the gap between rich and poor. So, naturally you will be right to say that the system has to be hated not the people. I will stop hating the people and wage a war against the system. Will the system itself stop me from doing that? No, there will be people who will use everything fair and foul to stop me from re-inventing the system and this is exactly what they are doing. DO YOU THINK THAT THESE PEOPLE DESERVE LOVE OF THE BILLIONS OF PEOPLE WHO ARE SHELTER-LESS, HUNGRY, VICTIMS OF WAR AND INJUSTICE. Everybody has “the right to be rich and accumulate as much wealth as he can” but ONLY when everybody has A FAIR CHANCE to become rich AFTER FAIR COMPETITION with each other. I think this is what is meant by free economy providing OPPORTUNITY to earn a social and economic status that one genuinely deserves. One can’t open arms to embrace a tiger that is about to jump and kill him. He is supposed to fight back with all the energy that he has and that is one’s natural love for his life and hatred for death. Life and death are real. So are day and night. Similarly love and hate both are parts of life. Only we have to be fair in both our love and in our hate. LOVING SOMEONE WITHOUT A REASON IS EASY BUT HATING SOMEONE WITHOUT A STRONG REASON IS NOT JUSTIFIED.

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